Martha Conneely – a Tribute

Pranic Healing Ireland is so well established today with Instructors, facilitators,  volunteers and qualified practitioners because of the dedication and commitment of its former director, Martha Conneely, a direct student of GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui.  Martha met Master Choa in 1998 and received her training with him and his direct Disciples for many years following. She travelled all over the world to attend courses and lectures with Master Choa while building a strong student base and healing practice at home in Ireland. Martha was a dedicated Arhatic Yoga practitioner and cherished the time she spent in the GMCKS Arhatic Yoga Ashram in India in 2008.  She nurtured many of her Level 1 students to continue their development to be able to attend the Arhatic classes and always had students with her on her travels in the deep desire to expose them to the best experiences and trainers in Pranic Healing throughout the world. Martha represented Ireland throughout the globe at conventions, retreats and higher courses.

Martha was the director of Pranic Healing Ireland until 2019. She was licensed directly with the Institute for Inner Studies in the Philippines to teach Basic  & Advanced Pranic Healing and SuperBrain Yoga courses.

She established & maintained weekly meditation sessions & healing clinics throughout the West of Ireland. Martha was even a regular guest on local radio in Galway guiding listeners weekly in Master Choa Kok Sui’s  Meditation on Twin Hearts. She established a very busy & successful healing practice in Ireland & Internationally for many years which introduced countless people to the amazing and life changing benefits of MCKS Pranic Healing.  Nothing made Martha happier than teaching Pranic Healing to others, “This is a wonderful, enlightening and inspiring experience and work of this lifetime. The teachings of GMCKS have transformed my life. I am very grateful to share this knowledge with others.’


Before her passing in 2019, Martha entrusted the precious task of continuing this priceless work to her partner Paula Flaherty, trusted friends and cherished students. Because of this, Pranic Healing Ireland continues to grow from strength to strength with courses, workshops, online events,  meditation sessions and healing clinics nationwide.

A beloved friend, colleague, partner, guide, Teacher & Healer to countless souls all over the world –  Martha’s unwavering passion, loving kindness and humility in spreading the teachings of Master Choa Kok Sui to every home in Ireland is the living legacy for everyone in Pranic Healing Ireland

Atma Namaste Martha ,

We Thank You